Airbag Inflator Chemicals

Specialty Chemicals for the Global Automotive Airbag Inflator Industry

ISLAND PYROCHEMICAL INDUSTRIES (IPI) has been a recognized specialty supplier to the Automotive Airbag Inflator Industry for over two decades.

Leveraging its vast experience in military chemicals and pyrotechnic technology, IPI has grown to become a major supplier of propellants, chemicals, pyrotechnic products and related technologies to the Airbag Inflator Industry.

IPI’s manufacturing and sales operations are strategically located around the world providing us with close and constant access to our customers.

IPI is a certified member of the Automotive Occupant Restraints Council (AORC), the leading U.S. vehicle safety organization, which brings together manufacturers and suppliers of air bags, air bag components, and seat belts, as well as automotive seating and interior safety components.

Airbag Propellant Chemicals supplied by IPI

IPI specializes in the production of chemical raw materials that are used in the composition of various types of airbag propellants and pyrotechnic compositions, such as:

Image Gallery: Airbag chemicals manufacturing at IPI’s Island Veer Chemie facility in Hyderabad, India