Full Range of Chemicals for 2.75″ (70mm) Rockets

IPI provides the entire range of propellant chemicals for 70mm (2.75 inch) rockets, including energetic materials, plasticizers, propellant stabilizers and ballistic modifiers.

Full assemblies, launchers and parts for 70mm rockets are provided by IPI’s affiliate Island Ordnance Group (IOS).

Mk4/Mk40 and Mk66 Motors for 70mm Rockets – General Specifications


Rocket Motor ModelMk4 and Mk40Mk66
Propellant GrainMk43Mk90
Propellant PasteN5AA-2
MIL SpecificationMIL-P-17689DTL AS2543
Average thrust @ 77oF720-750 lbs.1300-1340 lbs.
Average impulse @ 77oF1150 lb/sec1500 lb/sec
Weight5.9 lbs.7 lbs.

70mm Rocket Propellant Chemicals Supplied by IPI


CategoryMk4 and Mk40Mk66
Energetic MaterialsNitrocellulose (12.6% Nitrogen)JAN-N-244Nitrocellulose (12.6% Nitrogen)JAN-N-244
PlasticizerDiethyl PhthalateJAN-D-242Triacetin (Glyceryl Triacetate) MIL-T-301
DNPA (Di-Normal Propyl Adipate)MIL-D-22346
Propellant Stabilizer2-Nitrodiphenylamine (2-NDPA)MIL-N-33992-Nitrodiphenylamine (2-NDPA)MIL-N-3399
Ballistic ModifierLead SalicylateMIL-L-17700LC-12-15 (Lead-Copper Resorcylate-Salicylate)MIL-B-85735
Lead 2-Ethyl HexoateMIL-L-17701
LubricantCandelilla WaxJAN-W-181Candelilla WaxJAN-W-181

* Not supplied by IPI.