A Global Supplier and Manufacturer of Specialty Chemicals

IPI is continuously expanding its product offerings across a wide range of industries.

Propelling the Military Community Forward

IPI is a leading supplier of propellant chemicals, pyrotechnic mixtures, explosive additives and more.

Quality and Efficiency are at the Core of Our Business

Each of IPI’s facilities is certified to ISO 9001:2008 operating standards.

Fine Chemicals for the Automotive Airbag Industry

IPI is a leading manufacturer of Sodium Azide and other airbag propellants.

About Island Pyrochemical Industries

ISLAND PYROCHEMICAL INDUSTRIES CORP is a leading manufacturer and supplier of specialty chemicals and related materials, supplying the highest quality products to the global market. Every product offered is independently tested by IPI, ensuring that it meets all the requirements set forth by the customer’s specification. Our continuous commitment to quality and efficiency enables the customer to purchase with the utmost confidence and security.