RDX (Hexogen)

  • Synonyms: Hexogen, Cyclonite and Cyclotri-methylene Trinitramine.
  • Specification: Military grade RDX is offered in accordance with MIL-R-398C.
  • Description: The RDX explosive compound has an extremely low volatility. It is a white solid with a density of 1.806 g/cc and nitrogen content of 37.84%.
  • Uses: Pure RDX is used in press-loaded projectiles. Cast loading is accomplished by blending RDX with a relatively low melting point substance. RDX is also used as a base charge in detonators and in blasting caps.


  • Compositions in which RDX is melted with wax are called Composition A Explosives. IPI offers Composition A-3, A-4, A-5, and A-6.
  • Compositions in which RDX is mixed with TNT are called Composition B Explosives: various mixtures of RDX and TNT, in proportions of approximately 60% RDX and 40% TNT. IPI offers Composition B (MIL-C-401), Composition B3 (MIL-C-45113), and Composition B4 (MIL-C-46652).
  • Compositions in which RDX is blended with a non-explosive plasticizer are called Composition C: a mixture of RDX, a plastic binder such as polyisobutylene (MIL-P-13298A), and a plasticizer.

IPI also offers a specific grade of RDX containing 1% desensitizing wax and 0.5% graphite for the oil drilling industry. This grade of RDX is used to produce shaped charges such as open-faced perforators and encapsulated perforators. It may also be used in boosters and explosive cartridges.



    Island Pyrochemical Industries provides this product specification sheet solely for informational purposes, and reserves the right to change product specifications without prior notification.